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Life is a tragedy

Everything in life is a tragedy.

I once listened to a comedy routine by George Carlin and he talked about buying a puppy.

He told the audience that when you buy a puppy you're buying a tragedy because one day that puppy will die then you will grieve.

But that does not stop anyone from buying a puppy... or having a baby... or getting married... or taking any risk.

When you really think about it everything is a tragedy because no matter who you love or who you care for at some point they will be gone through death, divorce, sickness, or just moving away.

We can try to protect ourselves from these tragedies but at the end of the day if we do so we are empty and alone.

I'm done avoiding tragedies in my life. I know everything has an end and if that is true then why not embrace the moment and the joy that I can have before that end arrives.

One day all of us will breathe our last breath but how many of us wake up every morning fearing that day? None of us do because we know it is inevitable and we have no power over it.

Then it is freeing to realize that if we surrender to Joy and love regardless of its outcome, we will at least have that moment knowing that no matter what happens it will one day end.

So many people fear the future and as a result stifle the moment... So instead of dying at some point in time we die a little bit every day.

Accept the tragedy that will come because unfortunately it will but never try to escape the joy you can experience with the people that you love and the experiences that you cherish.

We try to evade the tragedies that will come but that will never be successful and unfortunately by trying to avoid them we miss out on the beauty and the potential Our Lives.

Embrace the tragedy to come and in doing so Embrace Joy you have in the moment.

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