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Is your marriage unfulfilled? Feeling disconnected from your partner? What began as a love story has turned into ash. Love and devotion have turned into anger and resentment. You ask yourself what happened?  The fire is gone and you've become complete strangers. Your best friend is now a distant acquaintance. The love of your life has become controlling and demanding. Maybe you question how your other half could have done so many painful things or you torture yourself for not seeing where it all went wrong.

You know it is vital to talk but the two of you can never reach a consensus. You are sick and tired of fighting over the same issues again and again. You wonder if this relationship is salvageable or would it be better just to move on. Friends and family mean well but they just don’t understand what it's like. If this resonates with you, you are not alone. It is normal to feel this way. But you don’t need to fight this battle alone. There is another way and I can help. I understand how difficult and rewarding relationships can be from a personal perspective myself. There is hope and I am here to let you know how to find it 


You have a your own unique story, and the both of you share a unique fingerprint that defines you as a couple. I will work closely with you to understand your concerns whether they be trust, fidelity, communication, commitment, understanding, or intimacy issues. We will pinpoint what is happening in your story. We will identify unique dynamics and patters that you are facing and develop new healthy habits. We will learn the proper skills to help you restore your relationship to a healthy happy, and long lasting partnership.​


  • Communication

  • Cross cultural challenges

  • Long distance relationship

  • In-law conflicts

  • Values differences

  • Parenting strife

  • Betrayal or affair

  • Separation and divorce

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